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About Us

Branding is the process you adopt to develop your brand. A process that harnesses ideation, creativity and the value proposition that you hope to deliver to your customer. A brand, hence, is a unique DNA of experiences that your customers are exposed to when they choose to buy your product. It is all the choices you make for your product that will impact your customer's opinion of your product.

The nub: Branding is often relegated as a function of marketing, influenced by the mandarins at finance who often recommend a percentage of profits to the marketing functionaries who, between the two, decide what will sell the product to a customer.

The reality though, suggests that your brand strategy be the guiding force of your organization. It should reflect in the way you behave as an organization, how you deliver value, the disruptions you harness to remain relevant to customer needs and the creative intelligence you apply to ensure that your brand experience positively influences customer friendship.

It encompasses – the big things you do – like how close your brand promise is to customer experience and – the small things you do – like the way you answer your phone calls – because the person evaluating your brand is not looking at you from the goggles you wear but have their own set of goggles from behind which they see more than what you notice they do.

Strategion has been consulting brands since 2004 and has often failed to convince brand owners about the conviction that is required from them to truly become a brand; because of which we know what not to do.

We are a repository of experiences in things that would right the wrongs of under-branding your product and the rights that could go wrong when you over stretch your brands capability just to remain relevant.

And, we believe, that this experience has led us to make brands better, more than we have seen brands fail.